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Creative Ways to Stay Active

Creative Ways to Stay Active

When it comes to exercise, not everyone is a fan of running on a treadmill or lifting weights at the gym, luckily that’s not the only way you can get active.

From Pilates to karate, there’s so many different ways you can stay active and improve your fitness without having to step foot on a treadmill.

At Rapid Loss we’re uncovering some creative ways you can stay active, lose weight and achieve your goals.



Often confused with Yoga, Pilates is a similar exercise which is more of a gentle introduction to the world of movement.

Because of its focus on core movement Pilates is also an incredible exercise for helping to tone your muscles and shape your body for a leaner appearance.

Pilates can be done at a dedicated studio with equipment or in the comfort of your own home with no-equipment workout videos so if you think it’s an exercise which could capture your interest there’s plenty of ways you can incorporate Pilates into your exercise regime.



If you’re a fan of the water or need to lessen the strain on joints, swimming can be an excellent form of exercise as its low impact yet effective.

Water is twelve times denser than air so it provides resistance while safely working your muscles to strengthen and tone them.

Although it might be a bit chilly in the winter-time without a heated pool, it’s definitely a versatile and fun exercise for the warmer months.



Who doesn’t love to get down to their favourite tunes, but did you know dancing can be a great way to stay active?

Dancing can burn about the same number of calories as jogging, depending on the style of course, and can be an effective way to improve fitness while having a lot of fun. There are many forms of dancing that can use up a lot of energy: Zumba, hip hop, salsa, ballet, etc.  all of which can provide health benefits for your heart and help strengthen your muscles.

You can find dance classes in local community centres or specific dance studios with classes available for everyone from beginners to pros. And, if you don’t have any classes around you, there are also plenty of online dancing tutorials available for free so you can get your grove on no matter what.


Bike Riding

Whether it’s just around the block or down a dirt track, bike riding can be a great alternative to the boring old stationary bike at the gym and it’s also a great way to get some fresh air.

Bike riding has been shown to have numerous benefits such as increasing cardiovascular fitness, increasing muscle strength and flexibility, improving joint mobility, decreasing body fat levels, and improving posture and coordination.

Bike riding is also very accessible and depending on where you live, there’s usually bike paths and bike lanes readily accessible to the public. 



Not only is karate a great form of self-defence to learn, it can also be a fun way to stay active and improve your overall fitness.

Practicing karate can increase your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your muscles and bones, and improve your hand-eye coordination.

If you’re thinking of starting karate, take a look at your local community centre. Not only will you be improving your fitness but you could also meet some great people in your local area who can help motivate you to stay active.


Get Fit With Rapid Loss

There are plenty more ways you can get your exercise on without having to pay a weekly membership to the gym. So, get out there and find what works for you and remember, if you’re on the road to weight loss Rapid Loss is here to help.

When combined with skim milk, one serving of a Rapid Loss shake provide you with 25% of your recommended daily intake (RDI) of vitamins and minerals. Which combined with a variety of whole foods from a variety of different food groups, ensures you maximise your intake of nutrients for a healthy, balanced diet.

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