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Live Your Best, Healthiest and Fulfilling Life in 2021

Live Your Best, Healthiest and Fulfilling Life in 2021

Establish and maintain good, healthy habits and routines this New Year and feel happy and fulfilled. Small changes make big differences and that's what we're focusing on this year. 

Keep reading for small changes that can make a big difference and help you to Live Your Best, Healthiest and Fulfilling Life in 2021. 


1. Exercise in the morning

We think you should try to find any time during the day to exercise, however, there are many benefits to working out of a morning and here’s why! 

You can boost your metabolism by working out first thing in the morning, this can then help you to burn more calories during the day as your resting metabolic rate generally increases following exercise.

Exercising in the morning helps to promote healthy eating throughout the day, which can assist with weight loss and management. It can also act as the first thing on your checklist for the day, they say making your bed can set the tone for the day, exercise is the same it can help to reinforce routine and start your day on the right foot. 


2. Stay Hydrated

We are guilty of saying this on repeat but only with good reason! Water keeps your bodies organs operating with ease and allows you to process food into energy. It is so important to stay hydrated all year long but especially during the warmer months as you tend to process more fluid than the cooler months. 

By staying hydrated with drinking water you can also help to feel fuller for longer after meals as water occupies space in your stomach. Not to say water should replace food but it can help if you're cutting down on calories and find yourself not full after a meal which is completely normal. 

Most people should aim for 8 glasses of water a day to maintain healthy hydration levels. 


3. Recruit Friends and Family 

This time of year is known for kickstarting any weight loss, management or health journey for so many. Even if your family and friends are not aiming for lose weight it can be a great motivator to stick together when trying to be healthier and make a lifestyle change in 2021. 

Accountability is a big factor with any health journey and having family and friends to exercise and eat with can be a driving force in staying on track and also gives you someone to talk to and hold you accountable. 


4. Have Fun! 

It's a New Year, and that means it's time to have fun! Enjoy your year, be present and be active. 

Fun exercises are memory makers if you ask us, go for a swim, hike, bike ride and more even encourage friends and family to come along and live your best, healthiest and fulfilling life in 2021. 


Let us know any of your years plans in the comments below. 


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