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Georgia - 52kg Lost

What encouraged you to try Rapid Loss?

I saw it originally on Facebook, I was severely overweight at about 120kg. I thought that nothing was going to work for me. I felt it was my last chance so I tried it and gave everything I had. With the support from the Rapid Loss team, I had great results every week with around 2 kilos coming off. It was so
steady and progressive that I didn’t doubt myself or my ability to lose weight.

How much weight have you lost?

I have lost around 52 kilos. People don’t recognise me now, they just walk straight past me.

Tell us about your weight loss journey…

I’m Type 1 Diabetic and once starting insulin I had a lot of troubles maintaining my weight. I’d fluctuate quite a lot, I felt like it was a never ending battle. But once starting Rapid Loss, I noticed my blood sugars stabilized almost within 2 weeks! I could halve how much insulin I took, and from there that steady weight loss basically just kept me motivated to keep on going. It was so simplified it was really hard to go wrong.
What would you say to someone who is thinking about trying Rapid Loss?

Don’t be afraid just give it a go, you’ve got nothing to lose. You’ll get quick results, it will keep you motivated and you won’t regret it.

* Individual results may vary

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