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Robert - 27kg Lost


I suffer from extremely high blood pressure and take three medications twice a day to control it. I suffer from acute sleep Apnoea and have impaired kidney function. I developed Type 2 diabetes that has led to poor circulation in my legs and feet and extensive nerve damage to my feet. I have two bad knees that need reconstruction surgery. My spine has a frozen thoracic region and severe compression in the lower lumber area and restricted movement of the neck. I am under the care of five specialists who treat my various conditions and have managed to prolong my life.


The time had come for me to assert control of my health. To lose the weight that restricts my life, reduce and in some instances eliminate the daily medications that artificially sustain my life. Over the past 25 years both my wife and I have tried every diet known to man. My quality of life has declined over the past five years and I acknowledge this has placed an unfair burden on my wife and three daughters.

 believe my family has harboured grave concerns for my life and this has caused them to live in fear of my sudden death. It was this realization that brought me to the conclusion that I needed to lose weight and change my life style.

“I am filled with energy and life and importantly I have added another 15 years to my life.”


I cannot begin to tell you how much the Rapid Loss Program has changed my life. Prior to starting this program I was taking 7 tablets a day just to stay alive. I have lost 27kg in the last sixteen weeks. My perception on everything has changed. We used to order Pizza Hut home delivery and I would eat one large pizza and still be hungry. Now as a treat my wife and I walk to the local pizza shop buy a small high quality low fat pizza, sit in the park, eat a couple of pieces and take the balance home for the kids to fight over. Once we drove everywhere. Now we walk to the local shops, and we are constantly looking for excuses to get out and about whenever we can. My appreciation for everything has changed along with my sense of smell and taste. My appreciation for the right types of food has changed so much.

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