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5 steps For a Successful Health & Fitness Journey

5 steps For a Successful Health & Fitness Journey

1. Set goals

Although making a goal may seem obvious, many people overlook this step when on a health and fitness journey. Making an end goal of either weight loss, centimeters loss or body fat percentage lowered is great, however, you should also be setting small goals throughout your journey. If you end goal is to be achieved in 6 months, consider setting smaller milestones ever 2 weeks to a month apart and make sure to give yourself rewards to keep motivated, something as simple as your favourite milkshake or a nice dinner out with friends and family. You would be surprised the difference this step makes on your end result and keeping with your journey.

2. Think Positive

It is sometimes very difficult to think positive when on a health and fitness journey, often we hear and say things like “I can’t eat or drink that” or “I don’t want to exercise”. This can be detrimental to your thoughts of being healthy in the future. Start thinking and saying “I could have that but it would put me a step back so I CHOOSE not to” and if your struggling with exercise anything is better than nothing so set up in your living room and do 10 squats, 10 lunges, 10 jumping jacks and repeat. Don’t think you have to do it, think about how good you feel once you have accomplished the activity in your day and how good you will feel tomorrow.

3. Tell your friends and family

Letting your friends and family know you are on a journey is a great way to get some encouragement and support. This can help avoid them offering you unhealthy food and drinks and even get the everyone involved in a healthier lifestyle, you would be surprised how much one person can influence another individual or a big group for the better.


4. Be mindful and listen to your body

Listening to your body is, without doubt, the most important step on your journey. This should carry on from the very beginning, every day until the end and even set good habits for post journey life. If you wake up one morning and think I want pancakes, don’t deprive yourself just make a mindful decision and make protein pancakes instead and have 1 or 2 pancakes, not 4 or 5. The same goes for when you're out with friends, it can be hard to witness everyone drinking, eating and having fun if you're sitting there with a salad and glass of water. Everything in moderation is key, have something you like just don’t over indulge and manage your portion allow yourself to have a glass of red wine if your craving one. It is also good to be mindful in this situation and if your struggling remove yourself and remember why you started your journey.

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