About Us | Rapid Loss®

 Rapid Loss consists of a range of nutritious Meal Replacement Shakes that assist in reducing weight rapidly.* These have been formulated so that you can use them to replace meals or replace snacks. So if you want to drop the weight as fast as possible you can replace meals. However, if you want to eat your 3 major meals per day you can have the shakes as a snack between meals and still lose weight fast. The shakes are calorie controlled, containing 25% of your daily RDI of vitamins and minerals. They are also high in fibre and this combined with the level of protein help to create a feeling of fullness that can help satisfy your hunger cravings in-between meals.

Formulated by leading food and nutrition technologists, the shakes are supported by a highly successful weight loss program that consists of a meal plan and exercise program. The meal plan provides you with nutritious meals and snacks that, along with the Rapid Loss shakes, will help you achieve your weight loss goals!


How it works?

The Rapid Loss Program is based on the concept of burning more calories (through exercise, activity and metabolism) then you consume (in food and fluid intake). It is not a restrictive diet, rather a ‘bridging diet’ to take you from where you are now (large portions and craving sugars, salts and fats) to the ideal healthy diet (as outlined by Australian Health bodies and leading nutritionists). We use the filling Rapid Loss shakes to help you remain fuller whilst we teach you how to follow a healthy eating format that consists of nutritious, unprocessed foods. The shakes enable you to lose the weight fast, and the free education ensures you keep the weight off. And you won’t believe how simple the program is to follow!


Why it works?

Unlike many other weight loss shakes Rapid Loss has been designed to target those who would like to replace meals with a shake or those who would like to replace snacks with a shake. By adding skim milk your shake becomes a meal replacement. Alternatively, add water and your shake becomes a low-calorie snack. No matter whether you decide


The Rapid Loss Program

Our Rapid Loss program is designed to gear you into getting the initial RAPID weight loss results you dream of, which you can then build into permanent healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

We will teach you how to introduce healthy foods into your diet which, with our continued support, you are then able to sustain long-term.

We believe at Rapid Loss that constant support, guidance and encouragement are all key to inspiring and motivating you on your weight loss journey, and most of all achieving your goals – which is why we have a great team here at Rapid Loss to help you achieve success!