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5 Tips to Make Weight Loss More Convenient

5 Tips to Make Weight Loss More Convenient

Many of us have fast-paced, busy lives that make it increasingly difficult to lose weight and stay on top of a healthy lifestyle. Here we give you 5 Tips to take away the difficulty of managing your daily food & exercise.

Meal Prep

Preparation is key! If you have all of your weekly meals cooked and ready to go it limits the daily choice and risk of picking an unhealthy option. Especially with the daily temptations present in and surrounding the workplace or everyday life. Prepare some lunch and snack options for the week on a Sunday afternoon leaving one day free for a lunch treat, we are not saying a burger and fries. Simply something to add variety. We recommend Friday as food may not keep over the whole week and it is nice to end the working week with a reward. Meal prepping on a Sunday is a massive time saver as your daily lunch is ready to go and doesn't need preparation.


Save time with individual serve meal replacement shakes, just add milk or water and you've got a meal and snack on the go! The perfect breakfast and dinner along with your prepped lunch option or switch lunch and dinner throughout the week.

Food Diary

By keeping a food diary you minimise the guesswork and are held accountable for each meal and snack you consume and when you don't exercise. A diary is also a great way to manage portions and ensure meals are regular.

At-home workout

An at-home workout is the perfect time saver for those who have minimal time during the day to get exercise in. On our Weight Management Program, you have access to quick & easy workouts that can be done in the comfort of your own home or a gym.

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