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5 Ways To Change The Way You Think About Exercising

5 Ways To Change The Way You Think About Exercising

If you still think exercise is just a necessary evil of weight loss, then it’s time to change your attitude and outlook.

Having the idea that exercise is something you don’t enjoy or dislike participating in only holds you back from achieving your health and fitness goals.

So, if you’re guilty of whining about how you’d rather lose a limb than go for a run, here are 5 ways you can change the way you think about exercising.


1. Focus On How You Feel Afterwards

Sure, we’ll admit it – exercising it can be a struggle.

Your muscles ache, you’re feeling sweaty and pushing through to the end can seem impossible. But when you do finish that last rep or hit that final km on your run, you'll feel amazing!

Just remember: you pushed through, you achieved what you set out to do and you’re setting yourself up for success to be a healthier and happier person.

So next time you’re dreading that bike ride or run, focus on how good you’ll feel afterwards and use that to help motivate you.


2. Make Exercise A Habit

This tip is essential for those who think exercise is something you “try to fit into your day”.

Make exercise an integral part of your day or week and give yourself a set time to work out. Have a plan in place and follow through.

By creating a regular exercise routine, you make it a priority in your daily schedule and help build it into a habit. After a few weeks it’ll become second nature and you won’t even have time to think of an excuse to not work out that day. 


3. Remember Exercise Is More Than A Weight Loss Tool

It’s easy to fall into thinking that exercise is only about changing your body and losing weight, but it also makes a difference when it comes to your mood and stress levels.

When you exercise, your body releases endorphins which trigger a positive feeling in the body that's been linked to lower stress and can make you feel happier.

These endorphins not only make you feel better, but they can also help curb cravings often brought on by these emotions.

There truly is no downside!


4. Find A Form Of Exercise You Enjoy

The best way to change your perception about exercising is to find a form of exercise you truly enjoy.

You aren’t limited to an hour in the gym – there’s a world full of different activities that will get you up and breaking a sweat.

Expand your horizons, try taking classes at your gym, join a social team sport, or even find some hiking trails near you that you can take on with a group of friends. 

You might not find what you like overnight but once you find an activity that excites you, you won’t even feel like you’re exercising.


5. Don’t Discourage Yourself

We can be our own worst critics – and usually not the constructive kind.

Remember that improving your personal fitness is a marathon not a 100m sprint, so don’t be so hard on yourself and avoid using negative words when you talk and think about yourself.

You had to take a breather a minute into your run? It’s okay, take a breather then keep going.

You can only do push-ups on your knees? That’s okay too, you'll only get stronger.

If you’re beating yourself up before you even start, you won’t feel encouraged to try again.

So remember to be kind to yourself.


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