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5 Ways To Make Water Less Boring

5 Ways To Make Water Less Boring

Drinking plenty of water in a necessity for a successful weight loss journey, but sometimes getting down your eight cups a day can be a little lackluster. Here we have 5 healthy and delicious ways to spice your order water.

1. Drop-In Some Juice

Even a slight flavour twist can make water ten times more enticing, we recommend squeezing in some lemon or lime juice to add flavour and keep the calories down. To get the soft drink since you can add the same juice to soda or mineral water, the bubbles give a refreshing sensation and keep your water interesting.


2. Disturb with Some Herb

Herbs pack a punch and often add what you didn't know was missing too many meals. So why not pop some into your water and disturb your boring water. Mint is one of our favourite additions and can be done along with the addition of lemon and lime.

3. Take Tea Time

Green, peppermint, detox, sleep, chamomile, and black tea are all great ways to consume water without the added calories and not to mention a great way to warm up your body during the cooler months. For now, we recommend homemade green tea on ice, this is refreshing and delicious and closer to 0 calories than store-bought iced teas. Sleep and camomile tea is great pre-bed wind downs to calm the body and prepare you for a good night's sleep, they also don't come with the caffeine found in other teas.

4. Blend It Up

We all loved a slurpy or slushies during our childhood. We recommend creating a delicious and healthy Summer slushie at home, all you need is a blender, some ice and a cup of your juice of choice. Add it into a blender and enjoy!

5. Refresh With Fruit

Fruit is sweet and a great way to mix up the flavour in your water. We recommend putting some sliced orange and any berries into your water to infuse the taste throughout your water. Place your water and fruit in the fridge overnight for an extra tasty and refreshing morning glass of water.

Let us know in the comments below how you keep your water interesting.

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