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6 Tips To Help Stop You Overeating

6 Tips To  Help Stop You Overeating

1. Don't Buy More Than You Need

When doing your weekly shop or food shop in generally try to avoid buying in bulk if you are prone to overeating. Opt for single-serve or resealable packaged items. By doing this you have less available in your home and reduce the risk of cooking in excess and as a result overeating at mealtime. This can impact your weight loss journey immensely, if you have eaten well and within portions all day and overeat of an evening you diminish your efforts and undo the good work put in throughout the day.
If you like to pre-cook your meals or have extra for lunch the following day, you can still do so, simply place the remaining food prepared into a container and out of sight before eating your meal.


2. Drink Water

Swap snacking during the day for drinking water, as the habit continues simply with water as a replacement. This will help to not only keep you hydrated but will also fill your stomach and reduce the likelihood of snacking and overeating at mealtime. This can also help when you feel hungry after eating or when you know you do not need more food for the day, simply drink a glass of water with some lemon or fruit for flavour and will often find the hunger fade. Use this trick to cut soft drink and sugary juice cravings too.

3. Meal Prep

Preparation is key! If you have all of your weekly meals cooked and ready to go it limits the daily choice and risk of picking an unhealthy option. Especially with the daily temptations present in and surrounding the workplace or everyday life. Prepare some lunch and snack options for the week on a Sunday afternoon leaving one day free for a lunch treat, we are not saying a burger and fries. Simply something to add variety. We recommend Friday as food may not keep over the whole week and it is nice to end the working week with a reward.

4. Eat Regular Meals

Skipping meals such as breakfast can cause you to overeat later on in the day or opt for unhealthy snacks. We recommend sticking to three meals a day with small healthy snacks in between. Our meal replacement shakes are a great breakfast alternative for those on the go and living a busy lifestyle as it will keep you fuller for longer and is convenient. Our shakes can also be consumed with water instead of milk as a delicious snack.

5. Never Eat Straight From The Packet

Eating from the packet is a dangerous game when trying to reduce overeating. Packeted food is often processed and should generally be avoided, however, if you are choosing a packeted food snack or meal always follow the serving suggestions and place it onto a plate or in a bowl. Then take the packet out of sight and away. Remember out of sight out of mind. This will help you stop the endless reaching for more habit many of us have and help you stay on track with your weight management journey.

6. Eat Intuitively

In the simplest terms, eat when you are hungry and try to avoid eating and snacking for the sake of it! This is when your body starts to get used to being full and continuously eating. Of course, a sustainable and healthy balance is necessary and you need to consume adequate calories throughout the day to keep you going. However, if you are eating because you are bored or simply out of habit you are doing it wrong and not eating intuitively.

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