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Accountability and How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship With Weight Loss

Accountability and How to Maintain a Healthy Relationship With Weight Loss

One of the hardest parts of a weight loss or simply a health journey is staying on track and holding yourself accountable while maintaining a healthy and effective relationship with yourself and your journey. Many of us have the all or nothing mind set which can create a yoyo when it comes to dieting, at Rapid Loss we support a healthy and sustainable weight loss journey through our program. 

Here are some of our tips about how to stay on track, be accountable and healthy. 


1. Acknowledge and Move on from mistakes


Mistakes can happen, you might fall off the wagon and splurge over a weekend every now and then. This is ok! The most important thing is that you get back up and keep going. One pizza isn't going to make you put on weight just like one salad won't make you lose it. 

We recommend thinking about what caused you to want that ice cream or pasta or stopped you for getting in a workout that morning and how you felt after. If you enjoyed a nice meal out with friends, or needed a weekend sleep in this is perfectly fine, normal and healthy all you need to do is be conscious of your decision and move on with your journey. 


2. Set Goals 

Although making a goal may seem obvious, many people overlook this step when on a health and fitness journey. Making an end goal of either weight loss, centimeters loss or body fat percentage lowered is great, however, you should also be setting small goals throughout your journey.

If you end goal is to be achieved in 6 months, consider setting smaller milestones ever 2 weeks to a month apart and make sure to give yourself rewards to keep motivated, something as simple as your favourite milkshake or a nice dinner out with friends and family. You would be surprised the difference this step makes on your end result and keeping with your journey.


3. Listen to your body and be mindful


This tip goes hand in hand with acknowledging mistakes, however listening to your body is, without doubt, the most important step on your journey. This should carry on from the very beginning, every day until the end and even set good habits for post journey life.

If you wake up one morning and think I want pancakes, don’t deprive yourself just make a mindful decision and make protein pancakes instead and have 1 or 2 pancakes, not 4 or 5. The same goes for when you're out with friends, it can be hard to witness everyone drinking, eating and having fun if you're sitting there with a salad and glass of water.

Everything in moderation is key, have something you like just don’t over indulge and manage your portion allow yourself to have a glass of red wine if your craving one. It is also good to be mindful in this situation and if your struggling remove yourself and remember why you started your journey.


4. Maintenance


Maintenance is one of the hardest parts when it comes to a weight loss journey. Here at Rapid Loss we provide a plan for weight management as well as weight loss to make it easier to maintain your hard work. Once you've achieved your goals by replacing two meals per day with a shake, simply adjust this to one shake per day when in your management stage. 


Let us know in the comments below how you stay accountable and maintain a healthy relationship with weight loss!

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