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The Benefits of Weight Training

Many people are hesitant to train with weights as they think it may be difficult or cause the body to build large muscles. This is incorrect as light and easily held weights and machines can be simple and easy to use along with your body weight. By building and toning your body muscles you won't necessarily create a 'bulky' figure as weight training can aid in weight loss progression and assist in creating lean and supportive muscles. 

1. Helps to Prevent Injury 

As you train weights you essentially develop and tone your muscles, this aids in strengthening your body and in turn making injury less likely. Weight training helps the flexibility of your muscles so they can hold and bounce back better than fragile and weak muscles. However, be careful to have the correct posture and technique when training as training can cause injury when done incorrectly. 

2. Assists Weight Loss

The more lean muscle mass in your body the more fat you will burn when stationary or resting. This means by weight training you not only burn calories while working out but you also burn more than normal when doing nothing at all. 

3. Increases Stability 

Much like preventing injury, the muscles and flexibility you develop when training the better your stability and coordination will be. Weight training takes focus which can help with improving hand-eye coordination and the strengthened muscles help your body stay stable when training and during everyday activities. 

4. Creates Achievable Goals and Challenges

 Achieving a short term or long term goal is a great feeling and is very realistic when talking weight training as you can see little changes in your body after only a few weeks. Whether you set a goal of toning your arms or simply feeling stronger you will be able to reach your goals and overcome challenges when weight training. 

Quick Workout Routine Using Body Weight

5 PUSH-UPS (on knees or hands)







Repeat twice more leaving a minute rest in between. 

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