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Busting Nutrition Myths - Seemingly Healthy Foods That Aren't

Busting Nutrition Myths - Seemingly Healthy Foods That Aren't

Don’t believe everything you read on a food package.

Although those veggie chips might be under 100 calories per serving, how many servings are in the packet?

That protein bar might have 30% of your daily protein intake but what’s the sugar content?

When it comes to so called “healthy” food, once you look at the label you might be surprised to find that it’s not a healthy option after all.

Find out what so called “health” foods aren’t doing your diet any favours.



Granola might start with healthy ingredients like rolled oats, dried fruit, nuts and seeds but unfortunately, it’s the extra sugary ingredients which make this crunch snack a no-go for dieters.

The healthy base of granola is also packed with sweeteners, sugar and preservatives and baked them in oil which gives it flavour but also increases the calorie content.

Did you know the average granola serving suggestion is just a 1/4 cup?

Chances are, you’re eating more than a 1/4 cup of granola for breakfast, meaning you could be unknowingly doubling or tripling the amount of sugar and calories you consume.

However, if you love the crunch in your yogurt, you don’t need to toss your granola. Instead either find a truly healthy, low ingredient brand or just make your own at home. There are plenty of recipes for healthy granola that’s low in added sugar and easy to throw together on a Sunday while meal prepping.


Protein Bars

Although you can get healthy protein bars before you put anything in your shopping basket make sure you check the label. Chances are that protein bar is as nutritious as a candy bar and packed with just as much sugar.

If you’re looking for a good protein bar, prioritise the ingredients and sugar content. The less ingredients and sugar the better!

Also make sure you’re keeping track of the calories in your protein bars throughout the day, these bars can have upwards of 250 calories per bar, so they really do act as meal replacements rather than meal additions.


Low Fat Yoghurt

Despite the lower calorie content in low fat yoghurts, that cup of yogurt is packed with more sugar than you’d suspect and is doing no favours for your waistline.

In most foods, fat usually equates to flavour, so when fat is removed from low fat yoghurt, the flavour is lost, and additional sugar is added to make up for the taste.

In your body, sugar spikes your blood and can make you insulin resistant causing long-term damage to your metabolism whereas high quality fats can help regulate your blood sugar and even metabolise insulin better. So, choose high quality fats over sugar.

Instead of eating low fat yoghurt, make the switch to plain Greek yogurt. You’ll feel more satisfied and have some protein to start your day right.


Dried Fruit

Fruit is healthy, so dried fruit must be a close second right? Unfortunately, not.

Although dried fruit seems like an innocent snack, remember that these are whole fruits being dehydrated to a smaller size. They might seem small and snackable now but in their full size you’d probably eat half of what you might snack on now.

For example, a cup of fresh apricot is only 74 calories while a cup of dried apricots tops the chart at 314 calories.

In small quantities dried fruit can be a fine addition to a healthy diet however portion control is essential otherwise this “healthy” snack might just be holding you back.


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