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Common Mistakes When Starting A Fitness Journey

Common Mistakes When Starting A Fitness Journey

If you’re starting your fitness journey, then be warned there’s probably going to be a few bumps in the road.

Fitness in its basic sense is simple however there are still some common mistakes you could make which could hinder your progress and leave you wondering why you’re not reaching your goals.

Get ahead of the rest and find out what these common fitness mistakes are so you can achieve your fitness goals within your timeframe.


Going Too Hard

When you first get the motivation to hit the gym or start exercising it can be tempting to go all out but in the long run that’s not the best approach.

Pushing yourself well beyond your limits, not giving your body the time to warm up, cool down and rest are all recipes for disaster when it comes to fitness.

Although it might be tempting to hit the gym every day, twice a day you might end up injuring yourself or wearing out your body before the week’s even up.

Instead, start your workouts at an intensity you can handle, alternate different muscle groups on different days and make sure you’re taking at least one rest day a week for your body to repair itself.


Not Having A Workout Plan

Whether you’re exercising at home or in a gym, if you don’t have a plan to your workout you have no direction.

You might know how to do a push-up but how many, for how long, and what exercises compliment that? If you don’t have a plan and go off general knowledge for a workout it can be easy to get lost and even give up before you’ve really started to sweat.

Having a plan to your workout will keep you on track, make sure you’re getting a worthwhile session and generally help you get better results as you eliminate the guess work.

To get a personalised plan, book some lessons with a personal trainer or do some research online, there’s plenty of workout plans available that you can tailor to you and your fitness goals.


Only Exercising At A Low Intensity

If you’re spending 20 minutes on the stationary bike at the same speed, you’re not truly getting the results you could from cardio workouts.

High-intensity cardio has been shown to burn more calories overall than slower, steady state cardio. In the same 20 minutes you spend on the stationary bike going at the same pace and keeping your heart rate steady you could burn almost twice the amount of calories coming from fat with a high-intensity cardio workout.

Probably the most popular form of intense cardio is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT involves short burst of energy that’s alternated with short periods of rest to really tap into your bodies calorie burning abilities.

So, make sure you’re not falling into the steady cardio trap, pump up the intensity on your cardio sessions.


Having An “All Or Nothing” Attitude

When it comes to fitness, missing one workout does not mean you lose all the progress you’ve made.

Don’t let a missed workout or a perfectionist mindset keep you from reaching your long-term fitness goals.

We all make mistakes, we all skip workouts, but one slip-up doesn’t mean you’ve “failed”. Instead of quitting when you make a mistake, simply recognise what happened, take responsibility for your actions, and choose to make the right choice next time. It’s as easy as that.


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