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Everyone Can Do This At-Home Workout, No Equipment Necessary

Get your body moving with this quick, effective at-home workout no equipment necessary. If you have dumbells available these will be used in the workout, if not simply select two objects around the same size and weight to use in this workout. Filled water bottles are a great alternative. 



  1. Jog in place - 2 minutes
  2. Walk Outs - 10 reps
  3. Samson lunge - 10 reps 
  4. High kees or star jumps - 2 minutes
  5. walkouts - 10 reps 
  6. Samson lunge -10 reps 

HIIT Circuit - repeat 4 times. 

  1. Decline Push-up - 10 reps 
  2. Dumbell Bent over row - 10 reps 
  3. Jump Squat - 10 reps 
  4. Standing Dumbell Tricep Extension - 12 reps
  5. Star Jumps 
  6. Plank - 30 seconds 


  1. Jog in place - 2 minutes
  2. Static Stretching  


Exercise Instructions 


Lift your feet only an inch or two off the ground,

hopping from foot to foot.

Move your arms as you complete this movement.



Bend at the hips and plant your hands on the

floor shoulder-width apart.

Walk your hands forward until your body is in a

push up position.

Now reverse the movement and return to a

standing position.



Stand up straight and place your feet about

shoulder-width apart.

Place your hand's palms down facing the floor,

hovering just above your belly button.

Quickly drive your right knee up to meet your

right hand, bring the same leg back to 

the ground immediately bring the left knee coming

up to meet your left hand.



Stand with your feet together and arms at

your side.

From there bend your knees and jump your

legs out to the side, at the same time bringing

your arms overhead so your hands meet above

your head.

Jump your legs back together, bringing your

arms back down at the same time and repeat.



Start in a standing position with your feet hip

width apart and your hands interlocked in front

of you.

Step back into a lunge position and raise your

arms over your head, keeping your chest proud

and your spine fully extended.

Stand back up into your starting position, lower

your arms and repeat.



Get into push up position, resting your feet on a

stable elevated surface (e.g. bench or box) with

both hands shoulder-width apart on the ground.

The higher you place your feet, the harder it will

be so adjust the height according to what you’re

comfortable with.

From the pushup position use your arms to

gently lower your body, only go as far as you

feel comfortable and keep your core tight. Once

lowered, raise yourself by your arms and repeat.



Standing with your feet shoulder-width apart

and holding a dumbbell in each hand, lean from

your hips forward until your torso is roughly

parallel with the floor (or slightly above).

From that position with your arms hanging in

front of you, drive your elbows back to pull

the dumbbells up towards you and touch your

upper arm.

Lower your arms back down and repeat.



Start standing with feet hip-width apart, lower

into a squat position by bending the knees.

Keep your back straight, chest lifted, and knees

behind toes.

From this position, jump straight up, swinging

your arms overhead.

Return to the squat position and repeat.



Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hold

a dumbbell with both hands straight over

your head.

Keeping your upper arms close to your head

with elbows in, lower the dumbbell behind your

head until your forearms touches your biceps.

From this position extend your arms back up

and repeat.



Stretch your muscles as you see fit. Hold each

position for a minimum of 15-20 seconds and

repeat for each leg or arm.

You should feel a slight pull in the muscle as it

stretches, but stop immediately if the movement

becomes painful.



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