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Fun Ways to Stay Fit

Fun Ways to Stay Fit

Fitness and exercise is a task many dread for multiple reasons. Why not make this chore fun and exciting? Here we have listed alternate and interesting ways to get your heart rate up while still enjoying yourself!

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an old fitness trend that is making a come back with gyms and walls popping up across Australia. So what's the hype all about? Rock climbing gives you a full body work out all while challenging your mind. This exercise is also great for strength and endurance as you have to hold on and keep going to reach the top.

What are you waiting for? Get climbing!


Frisbee is another dated game many associate with children, however, whos to say you can't grab a group of friends and play a game of frisbee on the weekend? This fun game is perfect for team building and letting out your competitive nature while getting your heart rate up and working on your cardiovascular strength, helping your body to get the workout it needs and wants.


Dancing on your own in the living room, out with friends or during a class is an amazing way to burn body fat and encourage the release of endorphins for a happier, healthier life. Fast pace dancing like hip hop is great for cardio fitness however if you prefer a lighter exercise opt for ballroom classes or light ballet and contemporary.


Trampolining is a child's world, and what is better than springing into the air? Although this may not be everyone's idea of fun, trampolining is great for those wanting to get there body moving and experience an adrenaline rush while doing so. Just make sure your safe and trampolining within your limits.


Team Sports

Team sports are a great way to socialise and have fun while working out. You can sign up to a team and make friends or create your team to enter a competition. Indoor soccer, hockey, netball, and tag are all great sports to get a good workout while experiencing something new!


Hiking is a relaxing weekend workout you must try once in your life! Hiking or walking beautiful trails across the country is a hobby for many but it can also give you a killer work out and assist in maintaining good cardiovascular fitness. Get out and try it this weekend, but don't forget to pack plenty of water and food and be aware of your surroundings.


Release your frustrations and anger with this high-intensity workout. Boxing is a powerful exercise and can assist with mental clarity, hand-eye coordination and physical fitness. Reduce stress and improve your health an fitness today with this fun and vigorous workout.

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  • Pauline Hutchings -

    All very commendable exercises unless of course you have a torn cartilage in your knee thats now bone on bone and even walking more than 15 mind is painful
    But thank you for your input

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