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Get More Exercise Into Your Day: Small Changes You Can Make To Boost Your Daily Output

Get More Exercise Into Your Day: Small Changes You Can Make To Boost Your Daily Output

When you’re trying to lose weight, increasing the number of calories you burn is a big part of seeing results, but you don’t just have to be at the gym to work up a sweat or burn calories.

There are plenty of everyday changes you can make that can boost your activity levels and help you work towards your weight loss goals.

From cleaning the house to taking the stairs, you can fast-track your weight loss and become healthier in no time.

Read on to find out the top ways you can get more exercise into your day without even knowing it.


Note: The following information on calories burned was calculated based on an 80kg person and a 30minute period. Total calories burned during exercise will vary from person to person.


Get Down and Dirty In The Garden

The weather is warming up, garden parties are on the horizon and now’s the perfect time to get out into the garden and test out your green thumb.

Whether you’re pulling weeds or mowing the lawn, making your garden look more presentable can also help you stay active.

For just 30 minutes of gardening you can burn up to 153 calories!


Take The Stairs

If you’re the kind of person who stands on the escalator scrolling through Facebook now’s the time to stop.

Taking the stairs is an easy way to incorporate some more calorie-burning activity into your day and keep fit without much effort required.

In fact, taking the stairs instead of the lift or escalator can burn 269 calories every 30 minutes so it’s well worth the extra few seconds it takes.


Walk Your Dog

If you don’t have a dog, take the kids out, invite your neighbour or just take yourself out to clear your head.

Just a few minutes walking everyday can make a big difference to your overall health and fitness as well as help you burn extra calories.

Walking at a moderate pace can burn 112 calories every 30 minutes, so put on your sneakers and get moving.


Spring Clean!

It’s spring time, give your home a deep clean and incorporate more movement into your day at the same time.

Turns out that vacuuming and dusting can really help you shed those extra kilos and meet your weight loss goals.

Getting down and scrubbing your house clean can burn around 102 calories per half hour so start cleaning!


Healthy Living Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

You can easily incorporate more exercise into your day, all it takes is making the necessary small steps to get active and Rapid Loss is here to motivate you and help you every step of the way.

Formulated by leading food and nutrition technologists, Rapid Loss shakes support a healthy diet for long-term weight loss results.

Get started today with the Rapid Loss Starter Kit and receive 3 delicious flavours plus a free shaker bottle.

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