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Get Summer Ready — Quick Tips To Accelerate Weight Loss For Summer

Get Summer Ready — Quick Tips To Accelerate Weight Loss For Summer

Spring is in full swing and Summer is just around the corner and if that thought makes you feel nervous then now’s the time to do something about it.  

If you feel like the Winter cushion or isolation weight is still holding you back from enjoying the sunny Spring days to their fullest then don’t worry, you can still shed some extra weight before Summer hits. 

To make things easy for you, we’ve broken down our top quick tips to help accelerate weight loss.


Pass On Refined Carbohydrates

Take a second look at your diet, if there’s a lot of processed and pre-packaged carby foods then it’s time for a diet overhaul.

Although carbohydrates are essential for healthy body function, refined carbs such as white bread, rice and pasta are rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, causing risky spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels.

To prep for summer, swap out these refined carbs and instead get your carbohydrates from whole fruits and vegetables.

If you’re a fan of rice, try cauliflower rice instead.

Pasta? Try zucchini noodles.

It’s an easy switch that will make a big difference to your waist line and help that sluggish feeling fade away into Winter.


Cut The Alcohol

Although you might be reluctant, cutting out alcohol or at least significantly cutting down your alcohol intake will make a difference to your weight loss results.

Alcohol has no nutritional value and is very similar to sugar, spiking your blood sugar and eventually being stored as fat. Alcohol is also a diuretic which means you let go of all the good liquids and water quicker which can result in dehydration. 

So, to slim down for summer cut the booze or at least make smarter decisions when drinking.

That means saying no to those sugary cocktails and high calorie beers and ciders. If you are going to drink choose a low-calorie option like a vodka and soda and make every second drink a glass of water.


Do More HIIT

If you’re looking to shred for summer, High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is your new best friend.

HIIT training is a style of exercise which alternates periods of high intensity exercise with low-to-medium intensity which pushes your body toward its metabolic limits and then allows it to recover.

HIIT training has been known to double the number of calories burned in half the time as some steady-state workouts which involve maintaining a medium intensity for a longer period of time.

Less time on the treadmill? Yes Please!

By increasing your calorie-burning potential you’re also increasing your fat-burning potential so make sure you’re making HIIT a staple in your workout routines.


Rapid Loss Meal Replacement Shakes

When it comes to weight loss, diet is 80% of the battle and in order to lose weight you need to maintain a calorie deficit through either diet, exercise or a combination of both.

A proven and highly effective way you can accelerate your weight loss results is through incorporating meal replacement shakes into your diet.

Rapid Loss meal replacement shakes are both calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced, containing 25% of your recommended daily vitamins in every serve.

If you’re looking to slim down for Summer, all you need to do is replace two meals a day with a Rapid Loss shake combined with our Weight Management Program.

With a variety of delicious flavours to choose from, you’ll be on your way to your best summer body in no time.  

Get started and shop the full range of Rapid Loss shakes here!

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