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Healthier Swaps For Junk Foods

Healthier Swaps For Junk Foods

When you’re trying to eat healthily those cravings for junk food can feel extra strong, especially when you’re attempting to curb them with a garden salad.

What you need are some healthy swaps that will satisfy those cravings without sacrificing your progress.

At Rapid Loss we’ve made things easy, read on to discover some easy healthy swaps for junk food that will keep you on track to meeting your health and fitness goals.


Potato Chips – 268 Calories (per cup)

Potato chips are the ultimate snack and once you open a bag it can be difficult to stick to the recommended serving size.

What’s even more shocking is that just 1 cup of original potato chips comes in at a whopping 536 calories.

Put down those potato chips and opt for something healthier like…

Air-Popped Popcorn – 31 Calories (per cup)

Air-popped popcorn is an incredibly versatile and healthy alternative to potato chips coming in at only 31 calories per cup.

Popcorn is easily made up in large batches as well so you can keep pre-popped popcorn in your cupboard ready for when those cravings hit.

Simply pop and spruce up your popcorn treat with a little bit of Himalayan salt and some garlic powder (or another seasoning of your choosing) for flavourful savoury treat that will satisfy those snacky cravings.

Kale Chips – 55 Calories (per cup)

Want to satisfy those cravings and get in your daily serve of leafy greens?

Kale chips are another great healthy and low-calorie alternative to potato chips at only 55 calories per cup.

Just like popcorn you can also make kale chips in advance so you’re never short of a healthy snack option.

Find out how you can make Kale Chips.


Milk Chocolate – 540 calories (per 100g)

When that sweet craving hits most people go straight for that block of chocolate, but did you know there’s on average 540 calories in just 100 grams of milk chocolate?

Yikes! It might be a sweet treat but there are plenty of other delicious and healthy alternatives. Instead try…

Choc Coconut Chia Pudding – 100 calories (per 100g)

Although the texture is different you can get that delicious chocolatey taste from a choc coconut chia pudding at only around 100 calories per 100g.

Not only is this tasty treat low in calories but it’s also packed with protein and omega 3 to help you reach your daily nutritional needs. No guilt here!

Get the full Choc Coconut Chia Pudding recipe. 


Spaghetti – 221 calories (per cup)

Although pasta isn’t the highest calorie junk food option (depending on your choice of sauce), it’s a simple carbohydrate with little to no nutritional value making them quite empty calories.

If you’re trying to improve your diet, don’t worry, you can still enjoy your favourite pasta dishes and meet your goals by simply swapping your spaghetti noodles for zoodles.

Zucchini Noodles – 19 calories (per cup)

Yes! Only 19 calories per cup, that’s over 200 calories less than your average serve of spaghetti noodles.

You can make your own zucchini noodles with a vegetable spiraliser or purchase them in the fresh food section of most major supermarkets.

It’s such an easy swap, try zoodles next time you’re craving your favourite pasta dish.


Milkshake – 605 calories (per serving)

Usually packed with sugar and high in calories, a milkshake is not the healthiest option coming in at 371 calories per cup.

And that’s just per cup! The average milkshake size is around 1.6 cups meaning you could be consuming on average 605 calories in a single beverage.

Luckily if you’re a milkshake fan there is an easy and low-calorie option.

Rapid Loss Iced Chocolate Shake – 217 calories (per serving with 200ml skim milk)

Craving the thick and creamy texture of a milkshake? Try blending your favourite Rapid Loss shake with some ice. The ice will give your shake a thicker and creamier texture than just adding milk.

The Rapid Loss Chocolate shake blends perfectly for a similar taste to your favourite café Iced Chocolate but you can get creative with any of your favourite Rapid Loss flavours.

Shop the full range of Rapid Loss Shakes here. 

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