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How to Stay Motivated All Year Round

How to Stay Motivated All Year Round

Starting a health and fitness or weight loss journey can be easy to say and stick to for a week or two. However, many people fall off the wagon after a few weeks, this can be circumstantial or a lack of motivation. Here at Rapid Loss, we want EVERYONE to succeed, which is why we want to give you ways to stay motivated all year round and achieve your goals!


Meal preparation

Meal prep is something that is reiterated on our posts, this is because we understand the power of prepared meals. Taking one afternoon or morning a week to prepare food for the rest of the week is a great way to stay on track. This way you can plan your calorie intake and nutrition ahead of time to ensure you set yourself up for success. Don't think meal prep meals you have to eat the same thing every day! You can meal prep three alternate meals and have them on a rotation. Meal prep is also good for saving money, you are less likely to buy meals out and buying food in bulk is usually less expensive.

Short term goals

Setting goals is self-explanatory, as humans we like to succeed, It is simply in our nature. This is why it is crucial to set short term achievable goals so you feel good during your journey and not just at the end. You can set goals that mean something specific to you or generalise them. If you have a goal of weight loss, break down this number into small increments so they seem more achievable and you don't give up because it's ''too hard''. You've got this!

Long term goals

Long term goals are equally as important as short term goals. What are you working for? do you simply want to feel better in your skin or is it a set number on the scale? either way, you need to have a long term goal in place so you know what you are working towards as this will often be your greatest motivator.

Change up your exercise

Exercise is extremely important in any health and fitness journey. However, if your exercising 3-5 times or more a week the same workout can get boring and result in a lack of motivation. This has an easy fix and all you need to do is change up your exercise routine. Include new and fun things into your routine, try out activities throughout your journey and as your fitness improves to challenge yourself.

Experiment with food

Trying new foods is off the cards for many but while aiming for the happiest and healthiest you food can be the biggest driver for success. Remember 80% food and 20% exercise. Try out new recipes and cuisines and don't limit your self to a set breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kept consistent but not boring.


Reward yourself for hard work! accompany your short term and long term goals with rewards to keep you going. This may be as simple as your favourite chocolate bar or alcoholic beverage but may also be a holiday away or a new wardrobe. This should be whatever you think will keep you going off course without undoing all of the work you put in.

Let us know in the comments below how you stay motivated all year round!

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