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How to Stay on Track While Spending More Time at Home

How to Stay on Track While Spending More Time at Home

With half of the country under stay at home orders and the other half still in peak Winter we thought this is a good opportunity to give our tips on staying on track while spending more time at home. 


Stick to a schedule 

One part of spending more time at home is your schedule seems to be out of whack, this can cause changes to exercise and eating times that you may normally stick to, this is beauce its a habit and while you are not in the same routine you can still establish the same habits. 

Something as simple as eating breakfast a 8am lunch at 12pm and dinner at 6pm can help you maintain a sense of normal and stop over snacking. 


Be easy on yourself 

It's a tough time of year, us Aussies love sunshine and warm weather so the colder months can cause us to feel down especially when spending more time at home. We think you need to be easy on yourself, if you feel like a treat one day let yourself have it! It may make you feel that little bit better and stop you from going overboard later in the week or on weekends. 


Get outside 

Like we said above we love the Sun, go outside and get a dose of Vitamin D this can help with keeping your spirits up. The sun has a unique effect on your body much like exercise it gives your body a release of serotonin which is essentially a happy chemical in your brain. This might be the boost you need not to mention the positive effects of fresh air. 



Again a serotonin boost is so important to keep you positive and exercise can do just this, along with simply moving your body which can help keep your weight loss or management efforts going. A 45 minute HITT or run can do the trick, we have a range of at-home workouts available on our website. Combine this with a walk once per day and you are making great strides to maintain movement. 


Let us know in the comments below how you have been staying on track! 

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