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Meal, Shake & Snack Scheduling - When and What You Should Eat Throughout the Day

Meal, Shake & Snack Scheduling - When and What You Should Eat Throughout the Day

Here at Rapid Loss we are all about flexibility and fitting your meals, snacks and shakes around your busy lifestyle. Our Weight Management Program is easily customisable to your wants and needs when it comes to eating. For weight loss we recommend replacing two main meals per day with one of our meal replacement shakes available in two different formulas and seven flavours. For weight management or maintenance we recommend replacing just one meal per day. All of the bellow meals and snacks should still be adjusted into your specific daily calorie allocation. 

Keep reading for ideal meal, shake & snack scheduling. This may vary depending on your calorie intake. Also bear in mind you can absolutely swap and switch to suit your day. 


Exercise between 6am-9am

We think you should try to find any time during the day to exercise, however, there are many benefits to working out of a morning. By exercising first thin your workout is out of the way and you are ready to take on the day, morning work outs can help kick start your metabolism, put you in a positive mood and help you create good habits. Moving your body earlier in the day can give you a sense of accomplishment and set you up for a healthy, happy day. Exercising is great first thing in the morning, but it is also important to get adequate rest, without this you can jeopardise your weight loss efforts. 


Breakfast 7am-10am 

Breakfast can be tricky for those with limited time in the mornings especially if you have a family to look after or are getting your workout in before a long days work. Our best recommendation is to replace breakfast with one of our meal replacement shakes. They are quick, easy, convenient and delicious. If you are the type of person that wakes up hungry we have some great breakfast options available on our Weight Management Program, these include:

  • Eggs, Avo Toast - Perfect for those who like a mid-morning brunch like breakfast. 
  • Hot Oats - Warm and toasty for the cooler months and keeps you full. 
  • Omelet - Low in carbohydrates, can help reduce morning bloat. 
  • Big Breakfast - Great alternative for those who wake feeling famished and like a variety of flavours and textures. 
  • Banana Pancakes - The ultimate weekend breakfast. 
  • BLT - Simple and satisfying sandwich you can run out the door with.
  • Chia Pudding - Prepared the night before, wake up and it's ready to go. 


Snacks 9am-12pm (Morning) 1pm-4pm (Afternoon) 

Snacks are a great way to hold off sweet and salty cravings which often occur mid morning or late afternoon. You can have one of our meal replacement shakes as a snack during the day if it is mixed with water, alternatively we have the bellow tasty bites on offer: 

  • Crunchy Kale Chips - salty and crunchy is the perfect mix for an afternoon pick me up. 
  • Low Calorie Peanut Butter Protein Balls - sweet and filling, these beauties also give you a daily protein boost and can help fight off morning cookie or cake cravings. 


Lunch 12pm-2pm

Lunch can be difficult depending on your work and life schedule, this time of the day can work perfectly with a meal replacement shake. 

  • Healthy Fried Rice - A great low-calorie Asian take away alternative. 
  • Super Salad - Fresh and Delicious light lunch. 
  • Tuna Quiona Bowl - Protein packed, filling lunch option. 
  • San Choy Bao Lettuce Cups - Low carbohydrate Asian takeaway alternative. 
  • Potato Salad - A family favourite with a twist. 
  • Wraps - A good, filling meal that can be eaten on the go. 
  • Roasted Veggies + Meat - Perfect for those after a warm, hearty meal. 


Dinner (5pm-8pm) 

We like saving your meal to the evening so you have something to look forward to throughout the day. If you are living a busy life this can be one of the only times in the day to sit down and enjoy your meal alone or with friends and family. If you decided to have your meal at breakfast or lunch it is equally as satisfying to finish your day off with a sweet shake. Meal options are the same as lunch we recommend switching up your meal schedule, a great way to do this is to make a double batch of dinner and have it for lunch the next day! 


Let us know in the comments bellow how you like to schedule your day! 

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