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4 Tips for Exercising Outdoors This Winter

4 Tips for Exercising Outdoors This Winter

Don't let the cold weather stop you from achieving your health & fitness goals. 

1. Don't just think warm

Warm clothing is a must to keep your core body temperature warm during outdoor winter workouts, however, many people forget to not only dress warm but to dress dry. If you wear breathable clothing especially for the first layer your skin can breathe and release any sweat or moisture on the body, this helps to keep you dry and reduce that cold, damp feeling post-exercise. Layer your warm clothing on top of the first breathable layer and you're ready to go.

2. Look after your skin

Winter often comes with dry, flaky skin which can be unpleasant throughout the day and especially when exercising outdoors. To avoid this we recommend applying a good quality moisturiser to the body straight out of the shower. This will help to nourish your skin and avoid any unnecessarily dry skin. Don't forget about your face, this part of your body will be more exposed to the winds and cold weather than the rest of you so be sure to look after it.

3. Don't Forget about hydration

During Winter you tend not to crave water and hydration as much as the warmer months, however, this does not mean you don't need it. As easy as it is to focus on warm food and drink water is essential to a healthy, functioning body especially when exercising. If you find it hard to gulp down cold water on a freezing day opt for boiled or room temperature water and don't forget your bottle when heading outside for a workout.

4. Warm-up & Cool Down

When it's cold our body's muscles and bones are more tense and brittle. This can be a recipe for disaster when working out outdoors. Not conducting a proper warm-up & cool-down can lead to serious injuries of the muscles and even bones. That's why it is crucial to get your body moving slowly and warm up each part for an effective and injury-free workout, followed by a cool down to release the body out of the intense or active exercise.

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