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Prepare your Mind and Body for Spring

Prepare your Mind and Body for Spring

With Spring fast approaching we want to give you the tools to look and feel your best. The habits you create now and into Spring will help carry you through the Summertime and may even become apart of your routine all year round. Here are some ways you can be your best no matter what.


Meditating is a great way to calm the mind and slow down your fast pace life. Meditation can help to reduce stress and anxiety and is a great way to gain back focus on everyday activities and work-life balance. We recommend taking 10 minutes out of every day to meditate, if this is too much start with 2 or 5 minutes and sit without distractions. Try to focus on one thing, whether that be your breath or posture and close your eyes to reduce your mind wondering.

Eat mindfully

To best prepare for Spring and Summer, we recommend bringing mindfulness into your eating routine. This can be as simply as sitting down to a meal with no distractions, no television or mobile phone just you and the meal. This will help you to tune into your body and know when you are full and help to enjoy the taste of your food. Mindful eating also includes noticing what you are eating during the day, not mindlessly reaching for some chips or a Lollie for the jar. Being aware and cautious of each choice you make and what is going into your mouth. You will be surprised how this can improve your overall diet and help you shake that Winter weight ready for the warmer months.


Exercising is a great activity to help your physical and mental health. The release of endorphins will help put you in a positive mood and a good mindset. Exercise is a good way to burn unnecessary fat and calories to help get you in your best shape for Summer. Even a light walk can help to pick up your heart rate and lose weight. Higher intensity activity such as running, HIIT workouts or Cycling are not only great for reducing fat but for building good cardiovascular health.

Get a good night’s sleep

A good nights sleep is essential for a well-functioning and healthy body and mind. Your body repairs itself while you sleep, this includes your brain! A restless night sleep can result in overindulgence the day after as your mood may be low and could result in sugar cravings for a quick pick me up. This is not ideal as nutritious meals or if you are rushed for time meal replacement shakes will provide you with longer-lasting energy. It is important to catch up on lost sleep so make sure you hit the pillow earlier than usual if you are feeling a lack of energy or know you haven’t been sleeping well during the night. If this becomes a regular occurrence seek the advice of a health care professional.

Wake up and shake

A Rapid Loss shake is a great way to break your fast after a good night’s sleep. The delicious, light and creamy meal replacement is the perfect way to feel lighter and full of energy for the day to come. Not to mention this quick and easy breakfast will help you start your day on the right foot. Especially during the warmer months adding some ice with your Rapid Loss in a blender is a great way to have a fresh morning shake.

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