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Smart Swaps

Smart Swaps

The calorie density of products on the market varies greatly, this can impact your weight loss/management program extensively. We recommend making smart switches or your regular go-to's and instead grab one of these low-calorie alternatives.

Soft Drink for Soda Water

Soft drink along with the chemicals and sugar comes high calories, this can cause your daily allowance to add up quite quickly. We recommend opting for refreshing Soda water, which gives you the same bubbling sensation less the calories. To have more flavour throw in some lemons or limes.


Ice Cream for Nice Cream

Treat yourself and stay on track with your health journey with this simple, quick, easy and delicious banana Nice Cream recipe.

Click Here for Recipe


Mayonaise & Sauce for Mustard

Mayo is a common sandwich spread and food topping used regularly but this comes with an abundance of calories with not a huge flavour impact. We recommend opting for mustard instead as the flavour is greater with less product and is significantly lower in calories and processed additives.


Oil for Lemon

Olive oil along with many other variations are popular salad dressing however come with some whopping calories, a delicious and fresh alternative is lemon! This zesty fruit adds a tasty twist to your usual salad and greatly reduces the calories to help you with your journey.


Milk Coffee for Black

Cutting back on your milky coffee is one of the best ways to eliminate calories from your daily routine. It can be gradual but we recommend making the switch to black coffee, at 0 calories and with the same caffeine hit as regular coffee you can support healthy weight loss.


Juice for Water

Many people start their morning with a glass of juice, unfortunately, this can add unnecessary calories to your day and is best swapped for a lukewarm glass of water which can wake you up and kickstart your metabolism for the day.

Chips for Vegetables

The crisp, crunch of chips that we often crave again comes with lots of calories that aren't good for anyone on a health journey. Give yourself the same sensation with crunchy celery, carrot, beans and kale chips! Packed with natural flavour and a whole lot fewer calories these snack switches will keep you fuller for longer.

Let us know in the comments below any smart swaps you make to stay on track!

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