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Stay In Shape While Traveling With These 5 Tips

Stay In Shape While Traveling With These 5 Tips

Traveling is something many of use aspire to do. There’s nothing quite like visiting unfamiliar land, eating local cuisine and experiencing the culture. And luckily, it’s possible to stay fit and healthy while eating local food, going to parties, and relaxing at resorts.  

There are a couple things you can consider to stay on track and even enrich your experience while traveling.  



Diet is probably the most difficult thing to keep under control while traveling, especially when food is so diverse (and delicious) in different places around the world. It’s so tempting to grab at everything you see, especially the sugary snacks and oily treats accessible at every grocery store, supermarket and restaurant.  

It’s okay to indulge in an unhealthy treat every once in a while but also pay attention to the wholesome, flavourful cuisines on offer. There are usually a handful of better-for-you options on the menu wherever you go. There are also a couple things you can do to make dine-out meals better for you – ask for dressing on the side; request to replace fatty meats with more veggies; go for a regular, rather than a large; drink water rather than soft drinks and alcohol.  

Consider making your own meals – you can still purchase local ingredients and whip up something incredible. This will help you save some money and keep your waistline happy! 

Remember, it’s all about balance. Enjoy the foods you’d like to eat (in moderation) and make sure you balance calorie intake with calorie output by working out.  



When thinking about “working out”, many of us think instantaneously about the gym, weights, ellipticals and treadmills. But remember, a good workout isn’t reliant on how many reps you do at the gym! A good work out is about getting up, getting moving and getting your heart pumping.  

Incorporate exercises that don’t require lots of equipment and utilise your own body weight – that way, you can take your routines anywhere in the world with you and do them wherever, whenever. Exercises like push-ups, planks, burpees, sit-ups, lunges (and different variants of each of these) are a great place to start. Things like running, walking, swimming (if you have a pool, lake or ocean nearby), dancing and yoga are also incredible to get your fitness level up, lose weight and stay healthy while traveling.  

If you have access to the internet, take advantage of exercise videos online and search for workout routines if you need more guidance and inspiration.  



Drinking can be a significant part of traveling for many people, and for good reason. Spending time with others, raising a toast to your adventures and spending the night out partying is a part of taking in the nightlife and culture of different places around the world.  

You can still go out and party without compromising your health, ruining your weight loss efforts and experiencing a bad hangover the next day. Go out and enjoy but be mindful of how much you’re consuming. Sipping on wine and light beers are the best way to drink without going overboard. Avoid sugary cocktails and chasers if you can – these are extremely high in sugar, are high in calories and are the most likely to make you feel bloated and sick the following day. Make sure you drink lots of water between each alcoholic beverage and be mindful of how much alcohol you’ve consumed.  



It might be tempting to spend your holiday cooped up in your hotel, wake up late, overeat and just lounge around. Although this might be a great idea for a day or two, spending too much time cooped up in one place means you’ll not only be more susceptible to weight gain, but you’re missing out on everything the place you’ve travelled to has to offer.  

The best way to experience and make memories is by getting out there and exploring. Scout out the best nature spots and go hiking or swimming, venture through night markets, visit museums, walk from destination to destination when you can. You’ll get a workout in without even realising it and have the best time taking advantage of your surroundings. 



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