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How to Stay on Track when Eating Out

How to Stay on Track when Eating Out

Eating out is often a weakness for many on a health and fitness journey. Here at Rapid Loss, we want to help you make good decisions and stay on track while still enjoying your time out with friends and family.

Starters & Desert

There is often nothing more appealing than a slice of warm bread at the beginning of a meal, however, this is a big no-no when it comes to eating out healthily. Meals out are most likely higher in calories and larger than a home-cooked meal. This is why the added temptation of bread or other starters needs to be avoided. Before a starter or bread even reaches the table it is good to say I won't have any to the waiter so there is only enough for the other people at the table and the temptation is reduced. Desert is another soft spot for many, however, this could be the most important thing to avoid when going out for a meal. They may look delicious but gorging on a desert will often make you feel sluggish and over full. We think you should opt for either some fresh fruit or a dessert to share between everyone. This way you get the sweet flavour without too much guilt.

Portion size

As mentioned above meals out are usually larger than your average home cooked meal. We suggest asking for an entre sized plate for your main as this is often a better-sized portion. Another way to manage portion size is to ask for a side plate so that you can place unwanted or extra food aside at the beginning of the meal. This way you know what you are eating is exactly what's on your plate.

Meat is a great option for those trying to eat healthily out, opt for lean beef, chicken, salmon or pork and be sure to eat only your fist size. Vegetables or salad are a good option. Try and ask for dressing on the side and avoid creamy, sugary sauces.


Unwanted Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are essential for everyday fuel, however eating out most likely comes with high fat, unhealthy carbohydrates such as potato chips, mash potato, and bread. The same goes for starters and dessert, opt for fresh food over processed.


Alcohol is a large part of social life for many, we don't suggest removing it all together but consuming in moderation. There are many health benefits associated with red wine. We recommend 1-2 glasses when out for dinner with friends and family. If you can remove alcohol all together that is great but don't deprive yourself completely of something you love if it will make you binge at a later date. Avoid high sugar drinks such as white wine and mixed soft drinks with spirits.

Let us know if you have any tips and tricks that help you to stay on track when eating out!  



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