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Surprising Health Benefits of Having a Dog

Surprising Health Benefits of Having a Dog

If you’re a pet owner or just an animal lover you might already know that having a dog can dramatically improve your mood but did you know that furry friend can also be helping your health?

Well it’s true if dogs weren’t already man’s best friend in your eyes they’ll surely be now.

Here at Rapid Loss, we’re big animal lovers so we’ve done our research and found out how dogs aren’t just bringing a smile to your face but also helping meet your health and weight loss goals.


Pets Encourage Healthy Habits

The most obvious health benefit of the dog is the fact that they encourage healthy habits like walking. All dogs need to be walked and as their owner that responsibility falls to you which helps get you outside and exercising.

Studies have shown that dogs can help people stick to their exercise regime longer and assist in weight loss. After all, no one can resist the pure happiness your dog gets when they know they’re going for a walk and no owner wants to let their furry friend down.

Walking the dog also has additional health benefits besides weight loss. Regular physical activity strengthens your bones and can help fend off osteoporosis and being outside exposes you to the sun, which is a good source of vitamin D (just don’t forget to protect your skin from the sun).

So, put on your sneakers, grab those poo bags and show your pet the world.


Pets Help Us Feel Better

Anyone with a good friend knows that just being there for someone can make all the difference when we’re going through a difficult time. This is just as true with our animal friends as with our human ones.

If you’re in a mood, petting a dog or even cat causes your brain to release the calming hormone oxytocin, as the stress hormone cortisol goes down. One study found that dogs’ behaviour toward humans was similarly influenced by the oxytocin system, so when you and your dog spend some quality time together, you’re actually engaging in a mutually beneficial, and healthy, social interaction.

What does lowered stress have to do with weight loss? Well, stress actually plays a big part in weight loss and is connected to things such as a lack of sleep and poor eating habits. 

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