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Sweet Potato Toast

Swap out processed carbohydrates for a more nutritious option with sweet potato.

Then it’s as easy as topping with your usual toast fixings. Whether that’s peanut butter or smashed avocado, sweet potato is the perfect base for your favourite toppings.


Serves: 2
Calories/ serving: Smashed Avocado 69cals, Hummus and Cucumber 145cals, Ricotta and Honey 124cals. 
Preparation time: 10 Minutues



1 whole medium Sweet Potato (can either be peeled or washed and scrubbed) (30cals) 

Chosen topping (see below)


Topping suggestions:

  • Half avocado with lemon juice and sea salt, add vegimite for a salty twist  (39cals) 
  • 2 tbsp hummus and 1 sliced cucumber (115cals)
  • 20g ricotta and 1tbsp honey (94cals)



  1. Slice sweet potato lengthwise so each slice is just over 1cm thick.
  2. Put sweet potato slices into toaster (as you would bread) and toast. Check the sweet potatoes after it pops and toast again if necessary. The sweet potato will be cooked when it’s tender and can easily be pierced with a fork.
  3. Once cooked top with your preferred toppings.
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