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Take on Christmas Day the Healthy Way

Take on Christmas Day the Healthy Way

For those who celebrate, Christmas day is one of the best days of the year for many, time with friends and family, gift giving and receiving and delicious food! The food aspect can be difficult for those trying to maintain a healthy relationship with food and stay on a weight loss/management journey. It shouldn't be this hard, we're here to help. 

Follow these 4 tips to Take on Christmas Day the Healthy Way. 


1. Enjoy yourself! 

Keep the good times and laughs going all day long by not overthinking everything too much, it is good to be aware but don't be so strict on yourself.

This is one day a year you are meant to really enjoy yourself and be present. If you follow the rest of our tips you will be fine, one bad or better said 'enjoyed' meal doesn't make you gain weight just like one good one doesn't make you loose it. 

Be conscious and enjoy your day!


2. Think before you pickup

One thing we are all guilty of doing on Christmas day is creating a mountain of food on our plates without thinking! We simply pick up lots of what looks.

This is perfectly fine but think about tasting things not just eating mass. Opt for one potato instead of three, this gives us a taste of the dish without over doing it. 

We love the saying 'everything in moderation' even more when it comes to Christmas.


3. Don't let others choose for you

One thing that often goes unnoticed at events, family gatherings or any communal eating is the portion sizes of meat, cakes etc. A full steak or full piece of chicken might be too much for one meal if you are wanting to try everything. 

Don't feel bad about getting a knife and cutting these things in half, only take onto your plate what you want to eat, this can help reduce the likelihood of overeating.  

And if anyone questions you it is as simple as saying 'this is all I feel like, I just want to  taste it'. This comes in especially handy when desert comes, as rich and calorie dense food is often overconsumed on days like Christmas. If you're satisfied with a taste, stick with that! 


4. Utilise the days after

If you eat more than normal on Christmas day it isn't the end of the world and can actually be good for your overall health to enjoy the things you love on this day within moderation. 

However the days after are important to jump back on track, don't write off the period between Christmas and New Years as so many do as these few days can help to put you in a good head space for the New Year. 

Write down your goals and aspirations for the New Year, maintain you healthy diet and exercise and trust us you will feel a million times better come the New Year. 


Let us know in the comments below any of your festive period tips & tricks. 

From all the Rapid Loss Team we wish you a happy holidays and wonderful New Year! 


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