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The Truth About Weight Loss

The Truth About Weight Loss

Miss information when it comes to weight loss is flooding the internet nowadays. We want to clarify and help everyone interested in starting a weight loss journey understand what it takes and exactly how this process works, no grey area! 

Don’t worry, we’re not going to make you do maths. However, it’s important you understand the basic concept of weight loss known as The Energy Equation.

Let us explain.

The Energy Equation is nothing new, it’s simply the relationship between calorie intake and calorie output. Essentially the energy taken from food and drinks and what’s expelled through daily life and exercise. Weight loss occurs when there is a deficit of these calories which is caused by consuming less calories than are required in daily life and exercise. By reducing your calorie intake, you can create this deficit, however it’s also important that dietary choices are still taken into consideration.

Research has shown that frequent small meals and a diet high in protein and fibre can be extremely beneficial for weight loss as it has been associated with a decrease stores of body fat, particularly abdominal fat. In one study, participants were given meal replacement shakes, like Rapid Loss shakes, throughout the
day to increase their protein and fibre intake and as a result, these participants experienced successful weight loss. Further studies have also shown that increasing protein and fibre in a diet, despite having a calorie deficit, can improve feelings of satiety which is important to minimise overeating.

This is the kind of research that builds the basis of our Rapid Loss guides to create sustainable and long-lasting weight loss results.


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