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5 Mindfulness Tips To Stop You From Overeating During Time at Home

5 Mindfulness Tips To Stop You From Overeating During Time at Home

1. Drink plenty of water

Drinking water keeps your body hydrated, muscles and joints functioning and your skin healthy. If you don't drink enough water throughout the day the lack of hydration can result in hunger, by consuming the recommended 8 glasses of water a day you give yourself the best chance to reduce the risk of hunger signaling and as a result overeating. Be mindful and drink plenty of water and the likelihood of overeating will reduce. You may also find a positive boost in energy and improved skin moisturisation and elasticity.

2. When eating, just eat

Be mindful when consuming food, this means no distractions such as television, phone, computers and anything else that will take your attention away from your meal. By doing so you put all of your mind and thoughts into eating and focus on tuning into your body's needs. This makes it easier to tell when your full and how well foods agree with your stomach. As a result, you are more likely to know when you are full and less likely to overeat during meals.

3. Plan meals

Scheduling your day should include meal breaks much like a normal day at work. by planning out your breakfast, lunch, and dinner you minimise constant snacking and eating additional unnecessary food. When planning meals choose, healthy nutritious options and be mindful of your schedule for the upcoming days. Our Weight Management Program provides quick, easy and tasty meal options to make your meal planning simpler.

4. Plate your meals

Much like when your eating just focus on eating and a mindful meal practice that accompanies meal planning, plating your food can be a savior when it comes to reducing the likelihood of overeating when at home. By plating all of your meals instead of eating out of packets and containers you tend to simply eat only what is on the plate, this is a great way to combat overeating.

5. Listen to your body

Listening to your body is, without a doubt, the most important mindfulness tip to stop you from overeating when stuck at home. This tip encompasses all of the above tips and calls for you simply look after your body and be mindful of the impact food has on you and ensure you are eating out of hunger and not because of being bored, emotions or because you can see food.

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  • Dorothy Bell -

    Thank you good ideas

  • Dorothy Bell -

    Thank you good ideas

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