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Tips For Making Your Shopping Trips Healthier

Tips For Making Your Shopping Trips Healthier

If you find you have all the good intentions of eating healthy but still end up leaving the supermarket with that tub of ice-cream, then it’s time you revaluate your shopping habits.

We know it can be difficult to avoid temptation while doing the weekly shop, especially when your favourite snack food has a bright yellow half price sticker calling your name, but it’s possible!

Find out our top tips for making your shopping trips healthier so you can keep your diet on track.


Avoid The Aisles

The aisles of the supermarket are where the high sugar, high sodium and high calorie food items hide. By avoiding the aisles of the supermarket and sticking to shopping around the edges you immediately eliminate that temptation.

Shop for your fresh produce, meat and dairy products in the outer ring of the store and only venture into the aisles when you need something specific.


Don’t Go Shopping Hungry

You’ve probably heard this one before but it’s true!

Never go shopping on an empty stomach, you’re more likely to pick up those quick energy release foods and snacks which do no favours for your waistline.

If you’re hungry and about to head out the door, grab a piece of fruit with your reusable bags.

Trust us, it makes a difference.


Don’t Trust The Product On Face Value

We know there are hundreds of products claiming to be healthy options or to help you lose weight but are they truly good options?

The answer is unfortunately usually no.

A lot of packaged products that claim to be “light” or “fat-free” actually contain more sugar than the standard product. This is because by removing the fat, you remove a lot of the flavour which then has to be replaced with sugar.

Remember healthy fats aren’t your enemy.  


Compare Ingredients

When you’re looking to decide which product is a healthier option, don’t just compare calories, compare ingredients.

So much food is packed with saturated fats and sugars which don’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs to perform its best. So, when you’re choosing a food item, make sure you take a second look. 


Check Calories Carefully

Although checking ingredients is important, checking calorie content still has its place in making healthier shopping choices.

So, if you’re comparing the calorie content between brands, compare the “per 100g” calories or kilojoules as servings sizes can vary from brand to brand.

Factor this in with the number of ingredients and total sugar content in order to find the healthier choice.


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