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Unusual Food Combinations That Work

Unusual Food Combinations That Work

We all have our little snacks, treats or meals that to others seem outrageous but to us it's the most delicious creation ever. We say, don't knock it until you try it! 

Keep reading for some slightly unusual food combinations that work! 

Pickles & Peanuts 

Starting off strong with this mix of salt and fat. If you are a regular fan of pickles or peanuts this may be a match made in heaven for you. Often eaten in sandwich form across the United States this combo might seem slightly odd, but then again we do put butter and sprinkles on bread for children's parties a delicious treat that many others across the world turn their nose up at. 

The nutritional benefit of this combination is something we should highlight. Pickles are great for good gut health and also hold an abundance of Vitamin K which offers support for good bone and blood health. Peanuts are known for their richness in good fats along with a solid source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Be careful of the calorie density and eat in moderation. 

Chili & Mango 

Summer is almost here! and that means it's approaching Mango season (the best time of year in our opinion.) Another interesting food combination that is common in Mexico is Mango with a sprinkle of Chili and a dash of lime. This sweet, sour and spicy combo will have your taste buds tingling. 

Not only is this the perfect Summers day snack but it is also a big win for your health. Mango is high in vitamin A, this can help eyesight, lung health and cell reproduction including hair, nails and skin. Chili is a superb ingredient for digestion and can help break down food in your stomach.   

Watermelon & Cheese 

Fresh and thirst quenching watermelon is an essential during the warmer months, pair this with some feta cheese and mint for a tangy and sweet snack. This can even be added to a salad for a fresh and delicious lunch salad. 

Watermelon is a great food to increase water intake and hydration as it is made up of around 90% water. It is a great low-calorie sweet treat option with no additions but can also be a great filler for meals. Cheese in moderation is a great source of calcium and feta cheese is one of the better options available. 

Chocolate & Avocado 

 One of the now more common of the unusual combos avocado has taken to the spotlight as a newly found addition to desserts. From the Filipino condensed milk, ice and avocado sweeping across the internet to Chocolate & Avo puddings this dynamic duo is surprising delicious. Keep your eye out for a recipe coming soon. 

Avocado is one of the best sources of fat available, pair this with some anti-oxidant rich dark chocolate and you have the ultimate healthy alternative. 



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