Weight Management Program – Rapid Loss

Weight Management Program

Weight Management Program

Our Weight Management Program is the perfect tool to kick start your journey. Designed to be used in conjunction with Rapid Loss shakes, the program provides you with the tools to build lasting healthy habits that will help you reach your goals, and keep weight off for good!

With ongoing support, helpful tips and tricks and weekly progress reminders, The Rapid Loss Weight Management Program will not be another failed fad diet.

What Does The Program Offer? 

1. A diet and exercise program that helps you achieve your goals.

2. All the tools you need to track your progress.

3. The nutrition you need to sustain results.

Why Choose The Program? 

Our program has helped men and women across Australia achieve their weight loss goals and maintain their results - long term.

Skip the diet guesswork! As a program member you gain access to a detailed meal plan full of delicious options that won’t make you feel like you’re missing out.

Make real body progress! Our Program provides you with an exercise program that’s suited to your fitness level, age and starting weight, to be followed at your own pace. With varied weekly workouts you’ll be able to improve your overall fitness, burn fat, tone and build muscle for a wholistic approach to weight loss and transforming your body.

Join a community! Join a motivating group of Australians who have succeeded in losing weight for the last time with Rapid Loss. Connect with other members, share experiences and feel the support of others also working hard to transform their lives and become healthier, happier people.

Trial Team Tested! Don't take our word for it, our program has been trialed and tested by Beautyheaven.com.au members with some amazing results

  • 100% of members liked the taste of Rapid Loss® Meal Replacement Shakes
  • 90% of members would recommend Rapid Loss® Program to their friends and family
  • 90% of members found that the Rapid Loss® Program met their expectations
  • 90% of members found that the Rapid Loss® Program was easy to follow and incorporate into their regime
  • 80% of members felt like they had more energy since completing the Rapid Loss® Program
  • 80% of members claim that the Rapid Loss® Program effectively helped to support their long-term weight loss goals.


How Long Is The Program? 

The program is available in 4, 6, 8 and 12 weeks, when you sign up, you will be allocated the best program suited to your individual needs and goals.

How Do I Get Started? 

Simply head to https://program.rapidloss.com.au/ sign up to the program, choose your start date, schedule in some time to get your shakes and groceries, and your set! It's that easy!

Start Today.

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