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What Superfoods Should You Incorporate Into Your Diet?

What Superfoods Should You Incorporate Into Your Diet?

We’ve all walked down the health aisle wondering what on earth flaxseeds are at one point or another.

From high levels of omega 3 to antioxidants and iron, these foods can be a big benefit when it comes to eating healthy and nourishing your body. But what if any of these so-called superfoods should we be incorporating into our diet?

Here at Rapid Loss, we’re breaking down some of the top superfoods that you should consider incorporating into your diet.


Chia Seeds

Chia is an edible seed that comes from the desert plant. This little seed is high in omega3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fibre, iron, and calcium making them a superfood that you should add to your daily routine to boost your overall health and energy levels.

You can add chia seeds to your morning oats or smoothie or even as a topping to your salad for a little extra kick of nutrients. Even as little as one tablespoon can be enough for you to reap the benefits of this superfood.



Who doesn’t love avocado? It’s the fruit that’s stopping young Australians from purchasing their first homes apparently.

Apart from being the best dip at any Mexican meal, Avocados are also probably the healthiest superfoods out there. With more potassium than bananas and high levels of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids which improve heart health and boost circulation.

Although it’s not advised to eat an entire avocado in one sitting, maybe add a quarter to your salads for some healthy fats or even mash it up for a healthy dip alternative.


Dark Leafy Greens

You’ve probably heard this time and time again but eat your greens! Dark leafy greens such as spinach and kale are an excellent source of iron, vitamin A, and lutein for eye health.

Dark leafy greens also contain omega3, ever wondered why fish have high levels of omega3? Well, seaweed plays a major part.

To get your leafy greens in switch out your iceberg lettuce salads for some mixed salad packed with spinach and kale. Want to give seaweed a go? Try some healthy brown rice sushi with a seaweed wrap, double up on your superfoods and choose avocado sushi for a dose of healthy fats.



If you haven’t seen the turmeric craze that’s been sweeping coffee shops the past couple years where have you been?

Although you may now be familiar with turmeric lattes turmeric can be consumed in a variety of ways with massive benefits to boot.

Turmeric is said to be a digestive aid and wound healer which can be anti-inflammatory, so it can be beneficial for those suffering from aches and pains.

You can incorporate turmeric in many ways such as on roast vegetables, in curries, as a sprinkle in your breakfast and even in your smoothies.



Berries pack in a lot of vitamins and minerals, fibre and tons of antioxidants in a small, sweet package, making them one of the best healthy and sweet snacks for any diet. From raspberries to blueberries, strawberries and goji there’s a wide variety for every preference.

Fresh berries a little out of budget? Try frozen berries. You can even add them to your Rapid Loss shake for some added fruity flavour.


Rapid Loss

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