2663anne - 7kg Lost – Rapid Loss

2663anne - 7kg Lost

2663anne  - 7kg Lost

Trial Team TestedI’ve done weight loss shakes in the past and have always been hungry, cranky and horrible. Whenever I do weight loss shakes my husband begs me to eat again because I’m unbearable. Surprisingly these shakes never had any of these ill effects on me.

I wasn’t hungry except for the first few days as my body adjusted to the reduced calories, I wasn’t irritable or cranky. During the trial I have been doing two shakes a day and one meal, I’ve chosen dinner as my meal and stuck to my Sam Wood meals to ensure I was eating healthy food. Once a week I would have a cheat meal and dessert, something I personally need or I’ll fall off the wagon and binge eat for a month.

The shakes are delicious! Chocolate is by far my favourite but I actually enjoyed all of them. I found the shakes to be filling and long lasting. Occasionally I’d have a snack of Greek yogurt with berries and honey if I was craving sweets, but snacks were not necessary for me.

Six weeks of being on the trial I am down almost 8kgs and many cms. There is a visible difference in my appearance and my clothes are significantly looser. I find I’m not having the afternoon slump and have much more energy. Even though the trial is over I’ll be continuing on until I reach my goal weight.

I’d highly recommend the Rapid Loss program to anyone wanting a simple delicious weight loss or management program.