Eskimo82 - 4kg Lost – Rapid Loss

Eskimo82 - 4kg Lost

Eskimo82  - 4kg Lost

Trial Team TestedI have now completed six weeks on the Rapid Loss trial and I have lost a fantastic 4 kilos!! I have noticed that my clothes fit me a lot better and my waist is definitely smaller!

I will say straight up that I would recommend Rapid Loss to those looking to lose weight, but with a warning that it isn't an instant fix and it still requires perseverance and to watch what you eat when you aren't consuming the shakes.

I have tried a number of other shakes but the Rapid Loss ones are by far the tastiest and have kept me feeling fuller for longer and more energetic. All of the shakes were really frothy, creamy and thick. I mixed mine with almond milk or water and they still turned out like the consistency of a real milkshake. I was pleasantly surprised by the great flavours on offer.

One of the best things beside the taste was that these shakes kept me full until the next meal, and my energy levels were good throughout the trial. It [did] take a while to adjust to the shakes at first. It took me until the 3rd week to stop being bloated (which I suspect is from all the milk powder as I don't drink milk normally), and it also took that long for my body to adjust, but after that, the shakes just became a part of my day and I have never gotten bloated again.

I will continue to buy the shakes and substitute breakfast and keep a serve in my bag with me in case. Definitely recommend these shakes!