Groomer123 - 8kg Lost – Rapid Loss

Groomer123 - 8kg Lost

Groomer123 - 8kg Lost

Trial Team TestedAfter six weeks of being of the rapid Loss program, I have been extremely surprised (in a positive way) by the results. I have always been a little sceptical about diets having never committed to one before however the results are very obvious. 8 kilos lighter in 42 days. Energy levels are as high as I can ever remember them, my body has visibly trimmed down and I have really enjoyed getting back into exercising.

The shakes were satisfying and never left me hungry or craving some the creature comforts I previously would devour on an all too regular basis. The program has opened my eyes to improving my lifestyle habits and implementing a more balanced diet and exercise regime.

With 7 flavours of shakes available. The shakes never got boring! The ease of preparation made having the shakes extremely convenient. My favourite shakes were the salted caramel, vanilla & strawberry (although I don’t think there was a bad one)!

The snacks and meal ideas were tasty, easy and most of the items that they were made up of were things that I already had in the fridge or pantry.

I highly recommend the Rapid Loss program and have already got a family member who have also started on the program.