Shop A Everyday - 9.5kg Lost – Rapid Loss

Shop A Everyday - 9.5kg Lost

Shop A Everyday  - 9.5kg Lost

Trial Team TestedI have been using the Rapid Loss shakes now for 6 weeks. It has been a fun journey and has produced some very good results.

I have now tried six flavours and I am very impressed with each of them. I absolutely love the strawberry and banana! The shakes are so easy to use, mix up well in a shaker and are nice and quite thick.

I found the shakes to be very healthy and nutritionally good for you. I really liked that they contained fibre. This helped make them more filling. I ate healthy meals and had snacks too, so I was definitely eating a good amount of food.

I also made sure I upped my exercise intake. I did lots of running, high intensity workouts, and made sure I did some some exercise every single day.

I will be keeping up the shakes, as a breakfast they are so quick and easy, even when I am short on time, I always have time for a shake.

They tasted great and I tried various dairy milks, soy milks, almond milks and coconut waters with them.

They are also good as a snack if you have something else for breakfast or lunch, then the shake is a great snack. I really enjoyed these shakes.