Veronica497 - 5.6kg Lost – Rapid Loss

Veronica497 - 5.6kg Lost

Veronica497 - 5.6kg Lost

Trial Team TestedWow, what a journey…..6 weeks down that track and I am so pleased with the results that this trial has given me, again, thanks heaps to Beautyheaven and Rapid Loss for such a fantastic offer….and for me, one for the better.

Seven delicious flavours, in big tubs. I so loved the dreamy Chocolate, the delicious Salted Caramel, the lovely Vanilla and the yummy Mint Chocolate. The Banana was nice, as was Latte, but not a massive fan…..I love bananas, but as bananas. I don’t like strawberries, so didn’t enjoy the strawberry rapid loss.

Quick and simply, 200 ml milk in the shaker, add 1 scoop of selected Rapid Loss, shake and your right to go. It may not sound like a lot, but it is actually filling, keeps you satisfied until the next meal, or a small snack in between. I have for the last six weeks had Rapid Loss for breakfast and lunch and continued to enjoy them over the time. Each tub is packed full of vitamins and minerals, so you are not really lacking anything.

Over the six weeks I watched and took measurements, my waistline has returned. I’m looking slimmer, is amazing with what and where the weight has gone from.

I lost 6.5kg for the 6 week trial which I am very happy with. I’d love to loose another 5.4kg, so will continue to stay on the Rapid Loss program for awhile yet.

Rapid Loss, doesn’t just provide you with the shakes to have, but they offer an online program, which also includes suggested exercises, with guidance. Healthier meals, right down to ingredients needed and steps to prepare, plus calorie count.

Besides loosing weight, I have noticed that my energy levels have increased; I am becoming more active, which is great to see, and another benefit of the program. Starting to rebuild my strength also.

I would highly recommend the Rapid Loss program to anyone wanting to loose some weight, Or to even have a tub on hand, for a healthy alternative when just wanting a light and quick meal.