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Overall a 4.5 Star Rating

  • 100% of members liked the taste of Rapid Loss® Meal Replacement Shakes
  • 90% of members would recommend Rapid Loss® Program to their friends and family
  • 90% of members found that the Rapid Loss® Program met their expectations
  • 90% of members found that the Rapid Loss® Program was easy to follow and incorporate into their regime
  • 80% of members felt like they had more energy since completing the Rapid Loss® Program
  • 80% of members claim that the Rapid Loss® Program effectively helped to support their long-term weight loss goals.

From Beauty Heaven Review

  • Most triallers saw significant weight loss results from using the Rapid Loss® Meal Replacement Shake
  • Triallers also mentioned that they noticed increased energy levels as a result of drinking the shakes and loved the range of flavours
  • Many mentioned that they found it easy to incorporate into their daily routine, that they noticed a reduction in junk food cravings and found it easier to resist snacking.

Member testimonial: 5 Star Rating

Six weeks of being on the trial I am down almost 8kgs and many cms. There is a visible difference in my appearance and my clothes are significantly looser. I find I’m not having the afternoon slump and have much more energy. The shakes are delicious! Chocolate is by far my favourite but I actually enjoyed all of them.

Member testimonial: 5 Star Rating

I have now completed six weeks on the Rapid Loss trial and I have lost a fantastic 4 kilos!! I will say straight up that I would recommend Rapid Loss to those looking to lose weight.

Member testimonial: 5 Star Rating

I have already lost 6 kilos. I absolutely love the Rapid Loss Meal Replacement Shakes. I must admit that I was a bit skeptical at first as most "diet" products I do find just don't work. I absolutely love the chocolate flavour (no surprise due to my chocolate sweet tooth). I found that it really satisfied my sweet cravings throughout the day.... I rotated the flavours - chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, so not to get bored. It didn't feel like I was drinking diet shakes.