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Great Gifts For A Healthier Holiday Season

Great Gifts For A Healthier Holiday Season

The holiday season usually ends with a few extra kilos on the scale than intended.

With ample food, Christmas parties and probably a few boxes of chocolate gifts it’s no wonder why this time of year can be a weight loss journey killer, but it doesn’t have to be.

There’s no better gift for the Holidays than health so this year, the Rapid Loss team are putting a spin on gifts with some healthy holiday gift ideas you can give your friends and family to support them on their health and fitness journey.


Fitness Class Passes

With seemingly endless types of fitness classes available there’s a great opportunity to give the gift of a new fitness experience to someone close in your life.

Although you might be apprehensive about giving an exercise-related gift, you’d be surprised at how many people would truly love to experience a new fitness class.

Just think about that one friend who has been talking about trying Pilates for years, but never took the plunge to book a class. Get her a voucher or pay for a couple classes at a nearby studio and who knows, she could discover a new passion.

Experiential gifts are the best kind of gift.


DIY Recipe Book

Do you have someone in your life who loves cooking or someone who needs some more ideas for their meals? How about making them their own healthy recipe book.

Not only is it simple but personalising recipes to your friend or family members tastes would mean so much more than a generic cook book picked up from the shops.

All you need to do is find some healthy recipes, print them out and bind or add to a cute folder.

Super simple and a thoughtful gift for those you care about.  

We’ll even give you a head start, see some of our top healthy recipe ideas on the Rapid Loss Blog.



Rapid Loss Gift Ideas

Rapid Loss Starter Kit

Give the gift that will help transform their health and their body with the Rapid Loss Starter Kit.

This kit comes with three delicious Rapid Loss shake flavours - vanilla, strawberry and chocolate - plus a free shaker bottle to get your friend or family member started on the Rapid Loss program  

Rapid Loss shakes can be used on their own as a meal replacement system to assist in weight loss or, combined with our free detailed meal and exercise plans can help people achieve lasting weight loss.

For anyone looking to encourage healthier habits in those closest to you it’s a gift they’ll appreciate.



Rapid Loss Sachet Multipack

For the lover of all Rapid Loss flavours (who can’t just choose one), gift a Rapid Loss Sachet Multipack containing 14 serves of several Rapid Loss flavours, including Latte, Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla! This is also a great gift for those who haven’t had the chance to try Rapid Loss and want to try out the flavours before committing to a tub of just one flavour.

Plus, if you want to share the love, you can distribute individual sachets to friends and family members – they make great stocking stuffers too! Prepare family and friends to smash their New Year’s fitness resolutions with these convenient, travel-friendly sachet packs!



Rapid Loss 30% Less Sugar

We all know the Christmas season is the most difficult time of the year to stay away from all the yummy foods and sweet treats! Satiate your hunger and satisfy you sweet tooth with our 30% Less Sugar Rapid Loss Shakes.

These incredible shakes will be your secret weapon to weight loss and weight maintenance throughout the holiday season, when we all need it most!



Rapid Loss Shaker

Looking for affordable stocking stuffers that will help your friends and family stay on track? Our Rapid Loss Shakers come fully equipped with a detachable measuring cup for storing protein powder and measuring milk/water, plus a free ball whisker to mix up their Rapid Loss drinks to frothy perfection!

The best part? They’re only $4.95, so you won’t have to break the bank!



Health and Fitness Gift Pack

Can’t decide what to give? Try a little bit of everything.

When it comes to the holidays, more is more and sometimes you just want to spoil those you care about. So why not give your friends and family their very own health and fitness gift pack tailored to their interests.

Your sister loves hot yoga? Fill your gift with a class pass, a yoga mat, some fitness gear and a tub of Rapid Loss Shake in her favourite flavour.

The options for gifts for a healthier holiday season are practically endless.

Whatever you choose to give those closest to you, the Rapid Loss team hopes you have a fantastic holiday season.

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