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How To Reduce Bloating

How To Reduce Bloating

Nobody likes the feeling of a full and heavy stomach not to mention a case of bloating. Here are some tips for reducing your body's belly bloating.

Stop Chewing Gum

Many chew gum to reduce snacking and give you a sense of eating, however, it does have a negative effect on your body. Chewing gum causes you to open and shut your mouth continuously, but with nothing going down air is pushed into your body and causes you to bloat. Chewing Gum can also cause acids in your stomach to develop as they prepare for food to enter and be broken down, with no food the acid sits in your lower belly and can bloat you.

Eat Slower

Much like chewing gum if you rush your meal a whole heap of air gets pushed into the stomach along with your food and can cause bloating. You can easily stop this by taking your time when eating if you are in a rush opt for one of our Meal Replacement Shakes, perfect for the busy on-the-go lifestyle.

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Get Moving

Going for a quick 10-minute walk can help you digest after a meal and stop that heavy feeling of your meal sitting in your belly. Walking helps kick your stomach muscles into action and push gas and food on its way to assist in reducing uncomfortable bloating.

Swap for Water

It's all too easy to pick up your favourite soft drink or alcoholic beverage on the regular however this can be detrimental to your stomach and digestive system. Anything bubbles including mineral or soda water cause more air than usual into the body and once again cause bloating. It is easy to stop this type of bloating by simply drinking plain water and selective tea especially peppermint which can calm the stomach and help with inflammation.

Cut the salt

Salt is a tasty addition to most meals, the downside is that salt causes the body to retain water and increase the likelihood of bloating. Water retention is a hard case to cure to we recommend cutting large amounts of salt all together as prevention is better than treatment.

Eat your Avocado

Avocado along with bananas, oranges, cooked spinach and more are full of potassium which helps support your kidney to clear sodium from the body. As mentioned above salt is a big no-no when it comes to a healthy stomach, eating avocado is the perfect way to clear away sodium and promote a healthy body. Check out our recipes featuring Avocado.

Baked Avocado
Sweet Potato Toast
Low Carb Chocolate Smoothie

If experiencing painful or extended periods of bloating we recommend seeking the advice of a GP or healthcare professional.

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